What are the most common applications that Simple Décor is used for?

Simple Décor has been used for outdoor kitchens/grills, bookshelves, fireplaces, Accent walls, bar/island areas, front entrances and many others.

What types of surfaces can Simple Décor be applied to?

As a general rule Simple Décor can be used on most surfaces. The Simple Décor adhesive will even stick to epoxy painted surfaces if they are free of dust and dirt.

Is it OK to install Simple Décor on non-climate controlled surfaces?

Yes, you can apply Simple Décor to non-heated and non-climate controlled surfaces.

Is it OK to install Simple Décor on shower surrounds?

You can install Simple Décor on bathtub surrounds, but we would not recommend it for INSIDE of a shower.

Is there enough adhesive in the box to install all the stone or should I purchase more with the stone?

Yes there is enough adhesive and the purchase of extra is not needed for your installation.

What type of tool should be used to cut the Simple Décor to size?

A carbide grit blade on a hack saw can be used to cut Simple Décor stones to size. You may also use a small electric hand grinder with a diamond or masonry blade (no teeth).. If using a wet saw, be sure that the stone is dry before applying Simple Décor Adhesive.

I have some old construction adhesive leftover from another project, will that work to adhere the stone to the wall?

Simple Décor has been tested with many adhesives and we do not recommend the use of any adhesive beside the UD Adhesive which is included in the box.

I have seen other stone products that are cast a solid color and when installed look fake. Is simple décor cast that way?

Simple Décor as you can see from the colors selection page has a blend of colors in each stone, just as real stone does. Once it is installed you will be amazed with how difficult it is to tell the difference from Simple Décor and real stone.

Is it OK to adhere Simple Décor directly to existing brick?

Yes, you can adhere Simple Décor directly to tile, brick, stone, or marble, but it’s important that these surfaces are in sound condition before you begin your Simple Décor project.

Is A Simple Décor safe to use around fireplaces?

Simple Décor is non-flammable, non-combustible and safe to use around wood stoves and fireplaces. It has a Class A rating in accordance with ASTM E-84 standards.

Is it possible to paint or stain Simple Décor?

Yes is it possible to paint Simple Décor if desired. Try to use a concrete stain if you decide to go this route.

Is it OK to use Simple Décor on a hearth or bench top?

We do not recommend using Simple Décor on any surface that you are walking or sitting on such as floors, hearths, counter-tops or benches.

How much Simple Décor will I need for my project?

The Simple Décor “flats” come 7 square feet to a carton. The “corner” pieces come 5.75 linear feet to a carton. Both the corners and flats come with the correct amount of adhesive in every box.

How do I clean Simple Décor?

Simple Décor can be easily cleaned with warm water. Do not power-wash or use abrasive cleaners such as bleach, paint remover or concrete cleaners.

Can I use a sealer over Simple Décor?

Yes, we recommend Rocky Mountain Stones “Repel 10” which can be purchased with the stone. This will not only protect your stone for a longer life but will make the stone easier to clean.